Mendham VeneersPatients who experience minor tooth discolorations or fractures, often benefit from the placement of porcelain laminate veneers. Each veneer is fabricated by a dental technician and perfectly mimics the natural color and shape of existing teeth. In many cases, the smile line can be improved by enhancing the hue of the veneers and reshaping the present teeth.

Veneer placement begins with a comprehensive exam, full set of X-rays and study models. The following appointment consists of slight reduction of the tooth structure to accommodate all new restorations. The procedure is considered non-invasive and most patients tolerate it well. Minimal anesthesia methods are used allowing the completion of the treatment in just one visit. Once the veneers are fabricated, they are cemented with a durable material to ensure stability and great aesthetics.

Veneers serve as a great alternative to removable devices such as ‘flippers’ and partial dentures. They are also used to restore the smile within the anterior region of the mouth only and are never placed on posterior teeth.


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