The American Dental Association (ADA) recently updated their statement on the opioid abuse epidemic in a move to help stamp out the misuse and abuse of opioids, and we at Bernardsville Dental Care are committed alongside them to help with this cause. Opioid abuse has continued to rise to unprecedented levels. As a result, the ADA and the CDC continue to make efforts to diminish this problem. Dr. James Kellam understand this and has continued to educate his team and practice preventative measures for reducing opioid abuse and supporting our community as much as possible.

The Power of Education and Prevention

Much of the support provided so far has been free online training for dental professionals for the past six years. This training has focused on identifying patients at risk for substance abuse and providing solutions that help prevent abuse, prescribing non-narcotic drugs when possible, and urging at-risk patients to seek help. Your Bernardsville, NJ, dentist hopes to help in diminishing opioid abuse through ongoing education and practical solutions.

Use the Tools in Place

The ADA encourages dentists to use their Drug Enforcement Administration prescribing authorities to make sure that drugs are being prescribed only when necessary. The CDC also has opioid prescribing guidelines for chronic pain that should be followed to prevent their misuse. Dental professionals are also advised to utilize their state’s prescription drug monitoring program.

Dr. Kellam is committed to help make a dent in the misuse and abuse of opioids when possible, as these drugs are often used to manage dental pain. Ongoing education has been a consistent vehicle to help decrease the prevalence of opioid abuse. Your Bernardsville dental team applauds the education and preventative measures that the ADA has suggested to help eradicate this growing problem, and will be there to help you answer any questions and to provide compassionate and ongoing support to your overall health.

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