Even though spring will be here soon, the cold winter months can leave lots of people at risk for serious illness, including pneumonia. Some risk factors, like age or lung disease, can’t be avoided. Fortunately, visiting your Bernardsville, NJ dentist every six months can help reduce your risk of pneumonia.

A recent study again demonstrated the connection between oral health and overall physical health. The study found that people who regularly visit their dentist (every six months) are less likely to get pneumonia than people who skip their six-month check-ups. Since the microbes that cause pneumonia typically enter through the mouth, good oral health can reduce that risk. Visiting your dentist regularly can keep your mouth healthy and spot any potential problems before they get serious. That can help keep you healthy all year long.

If it’s time to schedule a six-month check-up, call Dr. James Kellam at Bernardsville Dental Care today so we can contribute to keeping you pneumonia free.

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