Studies show that a third of the American adult population doesn’t engage in inter-dental cleaning practices like flossing. According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, we as a country have a lack of awareness of the role that flossing every day plays in reducing the risk of developing periodontal diseases and tooth cavities.

‘Repetition Is the Mother of All Learning’

A recent CNN interview talked about how patients who have heard repetitively of the need for regular flossing are more likely to eventually pick up the habit and actually floss their teeth regularly. Inter-dental cleaning practices like flossing are mainly useful for removing plaque, the organic matrix on which tooth decay-causing bacteria multiply. Your Bernardsville, NJ dental team can’t overstate the importance of flossing. Not even the best brushing techniques and toothbrushes in the market have the ability to reach in between the teeth and flush out plaque once it hardens into tartar.

Over his years in dental practice, Dr. James Kellam has observed that these hard to reach sites are usually the epicenter of gum and tooth decays. Consequently, the Bernardsville Dental Care team is happy to answer any of your questions regarding regular inter-dental cleaning practices so that you can make sure your teeth remain as strong and healthy as possible.

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