Diet for Proper Oral Health

It is well documented that there is a definite link between our oral health and the rest of our body’s health. Well-balanced nutrition greatly contributes to positive oral flora, and curbs the formation of decay and dental diseases.

Acidic beverages and foods are a concern for enamel erosion, including soft drinks, wines, yogurt, and citrus fruits. In addition, sugary snacks, such as cakes and cookies, contain an array of decay-producing sugars that coat the teeth and lead to cavities.

Almost all foods we consume contain some sugary properties, especially dairy products, certain beverages, fruit, and breads as well as candies. To correctly balance your diet, it is recommended to read food labels and consume product varieties that are the lowest in sugar.

Proper tooth maintenance alleviates the possibility of enamel erosion. At-home care combined with routine exams and prophylactic cleanings prevents any complex issues that may result in premature tooth loss.

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