The team here at Bernardsville Dental Care sometimes gets questions from worried parents about teething. It is a stressful period for the infant and parents.

The first thing to do, points out Dr. James Kellam, is to get clear about symptoms that are due to the teething process. Researchers point out that a runny nose, fever and other problems long thought due to teething actually have other causes.

5 Problems Caused by Teething

Experts say that these 5 symptoms are due directly to teething:

  • face rash
  • extra fussiness
  • drooling
  • mild gum pain
  • the need to chew on things

Most parents think a runny nose, loose stools, fever, never-ending crying and trouble sleeping are part of teething. But your Bernardsville, NJ dentist says these are due to other causes, like routine changes in your infant’s immune system. And as your child’s world keeps expanding, he interacts with more people and explores his environment. Have questions about teething? We’re here to help!

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