Pregnancy is a time in which the body undergoes a myriad of different changes. Believe it or not, your teeth and gums experience change too. Swollen bleeding gums are common during pregnancy because of the increased blood flow the body experiences during this time of change. In fact, Dr. James Kellam of Bernardsville Dental Care knows how common it is to develop pregnancy gingivitis. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to get relief and care for your teeth during pregnancy.

What to Look For, What to Do

During pregnancy, the entire body is in flux and change is inevitable. As a result, your gums may swell and bleed more. However, that’s no reason to stop brushing or flossing — these steps are still necessary. Instead, pinpoint that you are actually experiencing pregnancy gingivitis by paying attention to swelling and bleeding gums, pain while chewing, and loose teeth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you may have pregnancy gingivitis.

If you do have these symptoms, continue to practice good oral hygiene. It can help to gargle with warm water and sea salt and supplement with vitamins A and calcium. These vitamins help build strong healthy bones. Plus, gargling will relieve pain and keep the gums clean. Bernardsville, NJ dentists understand that this condition can be uncomfortable, however, with the proper attention and care, your teeth can remain healthy.

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