People often associate white teeth with a healthy body and youthful appearance. Over time however, food, drinks and smoking can stain your teeth and make them appear yellow and dull. While you have many options for teeth whitening, professional teeth whitening is preferred over over-the-counter products. Here’s why!

See Dr. Kellam First

You may need a professional cleaning to see your pearly whites sparkle again. Your Bernardsville dentist will examine your teeth and figure out why you have discoloration, as well as make sure you have healthy gums and teeth before whitening to ensure that the results will last.
Options for treatment at Bernardsville Dental Care include either an in-office treatment that will lighten your teeth by several shades in about an hour, or an at-home treatment that Dr. Kellam can prescribe for you to administer yourself. Both options end up giving you more bang for your buck compared to over-the-counter treatments.

Protect Your Teeth

Over-the-counter teeth whitening kits use generic tooth molds, which result in uneven application of the whitening gel. They often cause your teeth to become sensitive, as well as irritate your gums. Professional treatments are much more reliable and have lower risks. If your teeth already have veneers or fillings, teeth whitening products will not affect the color of these materials, but Dr. Kellam will work with you to ensure your previous dental treatments match your whitened smile.

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