As you age, you may experience tooth loss, decay or even the possibility of needing dentures. There are other options available to solve your dental health issues than dentures you have to take out every night. One option are dental implants. Dr. James Kellam is one of many dentists professionally trained to do this procedure. It is an American Dental Association-approved dental procedure and is extremely safe and cost-effective, not to mention one of the best options to fill gaps in your smile. 


Dental implants are tiny titanium pieces that are inserted into the area where your old tooth’s root used to be. The new tooth is then placed on top of that where it will merge together and become your brand-new smile!

How Do I Pay for it?

Once you visit your Bernardsville, NJ dentist, you can receive an in-depth consultation. Following the meeting, you and Dr. Kellam will come up with a treatment plan that makes the most sense. It’s good to note that payment plans are typically available if you do not wish to pay for the entire procedure up front. Each person will have custom, unique implants so it’s good to have an open discussion with employees at Bernardsville Dental Care about the consultation and an accurate estimate. 

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