The most common dental issues most of us can identify ourselves are plaque and cavities.

Dentists take a whole different view as they examine your teeth. Dr. Kellam can tell you that the mouth gives a good description of the current health status of your body.

It is very difficult for a patient to successfully lie to a dentist by flossing before going to their appointment. Dr. Kellam can identify how your dental health issues are caused over time and lifestyle choices, including if you may be pregnant, or whether you’re biting your nails. Deeper health issues often have telltale signs, such as a bad odor coming from your mouth that can point to various other conditions, indications of a vitamin deficiency, alcoholism which causes dryness of the mouth, eating disorders, or a sinus infection. All of these have symptoms a dentist can identify, as they cause or influence your dental health problems, and this way Dr. Kellam can advise you on the best course of treatment. Remember, your Bernardsville dental team is here not just for your mouth but for your overall health.

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